can a Colour Card be set with the Colour Picker?

Does anyone know if there a way of setting the colour of a Colour Card by using a different procedure than tweaking the RGB values?
For example, is there a way of setting it with the Colour Picker, as is done when setting colours in the Palettes? I would find that quicker and more intuitive.

thank you

In the Colour Card’s Layer Properties click the Colour-Box…
The Colour-Picker window opens…
Select the Eyedropper and click anywhere on your screen to pick a colour…


Hi Nolan, thank you for the answer.
I must be doing something wrong, because it just doesn’t do the trick.
I click on the colour box in the Colour-Card layer properties, I get the picker, but then no matter what I do, choose a colour or pick one with the eyedropper, the box stays the same colour. It doesn’t take the colour.
Hmmm… ???


Oops… sorry… never mind, now it worked! :slight_smile:
Don’t know what happened there but I threw away the previous Card, created a new one, and now it’s ok.

thanks again!

No, sigh, actually the problem is still there, just in a different way.

The Card will accept a colour from the Picker so long as there are no Keyframes. A New Card will change with the Picker alright.

But the moment I put a keyframe in to change the background colour of the scene, the Card refuses to change again, and I’m back to tweaking RGB sliders and guessing at colours.

Is there a reason it won’t let me grab a color from the Picker on a new Keyframe?


If you like, here is a short video-demonstration:
(no sound, it’s all fairly easy and self-explanatory)


thank you Nolan

What is shown in your video actually works fine for me. That’s ok.

What is not working is changing the colour on Keyframes via the Colour Picker.
When I try to go from one tinto to another using Keyframes, the Card simply won’t accept what I choose on the Colour Picker (or the Colour Wheels). Don’t know… it just won’t do it. I read the guide, clicked the clickable, but no way.

So I’m back to tweaking RGB values, which I find quite slow and not as reliable as the Colour Picker would be.


I looked into your issue and indeed, once you add a keyframe on the Colour card layer, it creates function curves and the Colour Picker window is no longer effective.

I recommend that you post a feature request in the feature request section of the forum.

In the mean time, what view do you use to modify the RGB value?
DO you use the Data View portion of the Timeline view? It may speed up the process a little bit.
You could still use the Colour Picker view to decide the colour you want and type the RGB values you get into the Data View.


hello Marie-Eve, thank you for following up on this.

Yes, I am using the Data View and I tweak the sliders or type in RGB values.

The point I am making is that this is less intuitive than choosing a colour by eye.
For time’s and simplicity’s sake, one should be able to choose the same way as with palette colours.
The problem with RGB sliders is that you are modifying one parameter at a time and getting partial colour results in the process, whereas the Colour Picker shows you the change immediately.

I suppose it’s also matter of habit, but it could be at least an option.

Thank you also for suggesting to add this to Feature Requests. I certainly will.



I totally agree with you. It would be much faster and much more intuitive.

I just wanted to make sure that you knew about the Data view since a lot of people ignore it. Not the optimal way to do what you want to do, but much better than doing it in the Function view.