Hi, I have been working with SBpro 1.5 for for 4 years now on animation feature films. I am currently working at Digital Domain in port St lucie and they are using v2. So now I have many problems to contend with . Here goes .1-camera- if I move the camera ( ala old static camera) then copy panel the camera defaults back to default cam . there is no way i can see to copy camera from previous panel like 1.5 could. 1b- also can’t recentre the camera to the default after moving the static camera ( so that the view is the same as the timeline view )hope that’s clear .2 -brushes - many problems with the new set up here ( you had it really simple in v1.5 )I create several brushes sizes in my brush presets . toggling between them the colour defaults each time to black - that is really bad for efficiency .why can’t colour and brush size be seperate ( this was also a problem in v1.5 but i learned to work around ) note: using the O to resize is not a good system . toggling between two buttons like photoshop is better . but the best working method is a set of brush sizes in brush presets - every feature film board artist i know does it this way.3- has the select all in timeline - split panels option gone . this is very important for renumbering without manually having to split hundreds of panels .i have many more problems but i will stop for now and see how we get on .( ps i was the board artist who suggested the camera tools at Gnomeo and Juliet in london - just fyi)regards Dean Roberts

hi lilley, i am working on sbpro 2 consulting edition v 9.1.0 ( 6354)regarding cam prob only for now . i was pleased to see i could revert to 1.5 but still found some elements missing that made it difficult . so i tried the v2 camera . problem example- if i create 4 panels and i move cam on panel 1 it duplicates on panels 2,3,4. if i then create seperate cam positions for each panel it works ok . the problem comes if i then want to adjust panel 2 camera . it then creates start and end cam positions and i can see no way of getting rid of them I just want a new cam position . also if i then reset this cam it resets all 4 panels .i want my choices to be panels specific .i will see if i can make it work in the cam compatibility option 1.5 thanks again, dean

hi - regarding the split scene problem . i cannot find a split scene option . there is a ‘split panel at current frame’ . and a 'split current scene ’ . neither of them work . and there is no ‘split selected’ or ‘split all in project’ optionin 1.5 you could simply select all panels in time line press the split button on the top tool bar . in ‘storyboard’ rename the first panel to 001 ( or whatever ) and then renumber the whole scene . A five second job . Now i don’t seem to have that option .

Hi - i have reverted to the compatibility mode which works fine for me . the v2 is not intuitive . in compatibility mode ( whatever that means )I can simply move the cam position and then using start view reposition the fielding to the default location so that I can ‘flip’ between panels and all the panels are locked in default . Please do not remove this function in the next incarnation of SBpro . thanks and at least i am closer to the simple 1.6 version .( there are many artists out there who will be tearing their hair out not knowing about this option .i think it would be great if there was a page on the website that shows ( in a video ) solutions to problems until it is solved in a new version . just an idea . Thanks


Let me see if I can help you out. Are you on SB Pro 2 SP1? Can you read out the About screen to show me the product number? It should be something like

1 -camera- If you’re used to working the 1.5 way, then you might want to turn on Camera Compatibility in your Preferences window, Camera tab. This brings you back to the way the old one worked. It will automatically put keyframes on the beginning and end of each panel, so that each panel has separate keyframes.

Regarding copying the camera, if you work the way SB Pro 2 was designed (i.e. not the 1.5 way) you can simply let the camera motion continue on the next frame - there’s no need to copy and paste the camera. If you put a keyframe on panel 1 and move it, it will move for panel 1 and all subsequent panels in that scene. If you want the motion to remain where it was on panel 2, then you should put a keyframe on the first frame of panel 2 and on the last frame of panel 1 to make a step in the camera motion.

If you do want to copy the frame, you can simply select the frame with your camera tool, so that it becomes bold, then you can copy and paste it with Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.

You can also select a panel, and then in your Camera Tool Properties, there’s Copy Camera from Selected Panel, then you can paste it onto another panel.

2 -brushes- One thing I might suggest is that the interface here is completely customizeable, so you can always put your colour tab right underneath your brush tab, and that way you can access them both at the same time.

There’s also a Brush Presets view, that shows you the colour and size pretty much exactly the way it was in 1.5, so you can set up your different brushes with the size and colour that you want, then just click on the thumbnail to switch to that brush.

3 -split panels- If you go to Preferences, General tab, there’s a preference there for Break Scene When Performing “Split Panels” Command - if you turn on this preference, then when you select a lot of panels and do split panels it will split them all into individual scenes

Let me know what your other issues are and hopefully I can help you out!


You can also reset the camera and this will set it back to the camera default.

Hi there,

Sorry it took me so long to respond but I had to install the exact version that you had on my machine and test it on there.

When I did so, I found that the Split Current Scene functioning as Break didn’t work yet in that version, so I think your best course of action would be to upgrade to a more recent Consulting build. You can email your for more information on that.

Regarding the panels, there’s no way to just have the camera panel specific without having keyframes at the beginning and end of the panels. You do need to have keyframes at the beginning and end, and using the 1.5 methodology just creates those keyframes for you automatically.

When you do reset the camera, though, it only resets the camera on the selected panels. If you don’t have keyframes at the beginning and end of each panel, however, then it may reset other panels, so just make sure you’ve got all your keyframes (which it will create automatically in compatibility mode) and you’re all set.


I understand how there’s definitely two big camps here on which way is better. I waaay prefer the new way, myself, because it avoids me having to “spread camera motion” all the time. It makes sense to me that there’s a new camera on every scene, because a scene is where a camera angle changes. And a panel is just used to describe any additional motion that’s in that scene.

Most of the time, studios who prefer the old way prefer that because then they can export to PDF with the framing of the whole shot on each panel. We understand why it was requested to be put back and that’s why the compatibility mode is there, and you’re right, it won’t go away!