cameramove over crossfading

Hello.I’d like to do a simple camera move (zoom in)over a dozen of frames that all crossfade into each other.But i cannot get TBSpro to do this.the software does not let me set a camera-keyframe over a crossfade.any suggestions?

So you’re trying to Truck-In over a series of frames where each frame X-Dissolves into the next frame?Seems like each frame would need to be an individual scene to insert the transition. Then the camera starting and end points would need to be set at every scene to match up to the following scene…? I might be wrong of course :slight_smile:

indeed, apparently TBSP needs the images in separate scenes to be able to crossfade them.So it won’t allow a camera move over multiple scenes?conclusion, its not possible?I must say i’m growing more and more disappointed with the many limitations of the self called “world leader” in animation software.

I understand what you say.i was using crossfades to create the illusion of a slowmotion action and i needed to truck in on that action.I worked around it by splitting the panels and adjusting the transparency of the panels by hand :-\

Well when you think about how it was designed, each scene or shot is supposed to represent a camera position. So when you switch from one camera position to another, then you can fade from one camera position to another - but since these are separate camera positions, it doesn’t make sense to have keyframes that cross that boundary. Does this make sense at all?

Maybe you can tell me more about how/why you’re doing this, and then I can see if I have any further suggestions.