Ok, Ive searched and searched and I cant do it. I’m trying to do a simple camera transition from big shot to upclose shot of the same scene. Ive searched it so much it auto-corrects me to my 50 other searches for it. How do you change camera views with Toon Boom Studio 8

It sounds like you’re wanting to animate your camera zoom in your scene. This can be done by setting starting and ending camera positions, and only changing the z-depth in the ending camera position.

  • In TBS 8.1 the default camera (simply called “Camera”) is attached to a camera peg (“Camera-P”) by default.
  • In the Timeline, go to the starting frame when you want the zoom motion to start (this is usually Frame 1).
  • Select the Camera-P element, press “I” (capital “i”) on the keyboard. This creates the starting keyframe for your camera.
  • Go to the ending frame when the zoom motion ends (usually the final frame).
  • Make sure your Camera-P element is still selected, press “I” again to create the second/ending keyframe.
  • Select the Motion Tool.
  • Switch to Top View or Side View.
  • Drag the camera handle or the camera peg handle to the right to move your camera along the z-axis. This creates your camera zoom for your up-close shot.
  • Go back to Camera View to see if you got your desired zoom. Adjust if needed.

Note that you can also manipulate the x-direction and y-direction movements of your camera this way.

Good luck.