camera zoom

In Harmony 12, working in a 3d environment, I’m unable to zoom in, as opposed to pushing in. (I’m using a 3d enabled camera peg) I’ve tried scaling the camera, but this creates a change in perpective, like a push in. I’d like to to just do a zoom (like when I zoom into the viewing area, but affecting the camera view.)

When you say “push in” do you mean to move the camera position through the scene as opposed to adjusting the camera lens?

Do you have Orthographic view selected?

Are you selecting the correct camera from the top menu?

I want to zoom in (adjust the camera lens) not to push in (move the focal point of the camera, which I can do with the transform tools) I can do exactly what I want in the view window by scrolling or pushing 2, but that just changes the view window. I’m in the camera view.
Thanks very much for your help.

The descriptions are confusing and overlapping. (It could just be me, I apologize).

Are you seeing something different in your working scene area (OpenGL view) that is not reflected in your rendered scenes and files?

Do you have the default camera or the additional camera selected from the top menu bar Scene => Camera?

Have you tried the Zoom Factor Selector located at the bottom left of the Camera View window?
The Magnifying Glass tool?
The keyboard shortcut (2 & 1)?
The top menu selection View => Zoom In / Zoom Out?

Still curious whether you have Orthographic or Perspective selected for the scene?

I’m want to animate the zoom of the camera lens in the final product (the area within the film gate) I’m pretty sure it’s not an orthographic view although I have the top and side views open to the right. I’m working from the pegged additional camera selected in the camera view. I just want to start my shot zoomed in on a character, then zoom out to a larger scene.

Now I understand what you want to do.

You cannot animate Zoom. When animating the camera you are really animating the Peg assigned to the camera. As with layers you are restricted to X, Y and Z axis movement. You will have to simulate Zoom by animating Peg movement that produces a similar view.

“The camera is treated the same way as any other element. You can use the same tools and selection modes to offset or animate it, but the camera is a static object. To animate the camera, you need to connect it to a peg layer. A peg is a trajectory layer.”

You could perhaps edit your project settings and change the FOV (Focus on View)

From the user manual:

“Custom Fov: After selecting this option, enter a value, in degrees, of the angle that
you want the camera cone to be. Increasing this value will make the camera cone
wider (the angle is more obtuse). Widening the FOV will make the grid and all
elements appear farther away. Decreasing the default value will create the
opposite effect.”

Is there no way to change the focal length of the camera? For instance, if I wanted to emulate a long lens, shooting from far away, is there a way to do that?

I’m assuming from you’re previous comment that I’m not able to animate this value.

That was rkriz from Toon Boom joining the discussion you may have confused his post with one of mine.

Based on his suggestion I have just discovered that you can animate that parameter. That field has a Bezier icon and anything with a Bezier editor can be animated in Harmony:

"FOV: Displays the current field-of-view default value. When enabled, you can type in a new zoom value for your camera frame. You can also use the up and down arrows to set the new zoom value.

Click on the Create Function button to animate the camera zoom value—see Animation Paths to learn more about creating functions."

Thanks very much.