camera window shows through color trans effect

Hi all -

i have a camera set at frame 1 and at 1200, no change in fov during the whold scene… the camera is zoomed out from the default fov … in the middle of the animation, there is a fade out/in… during that time, the brown box that shows the fov appears for a second then fades out … the camera is not part of any color trans effect, but the fade is … i unchecked the fade and everything is fine … activate it and the box appears …the camera element is at the top of the timeline list, with the CTeffect and fade right beneath it - the camera tab fov is set at static and 42.43 deg … I am using tb4 on a pc … anyone ever see anything like this? thanks, dan


Is the camera element selected? In theory the fov box should not show unless you have the camera selected. Have you tried selecting something else in your scene before unchecking the mask effect and can you also click outside the camera box to unselect it.

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Hi Ugo -

I feel like an idiot … I went back to try your suggestions where I noticed it was only happening when I incorporated my fade from one scene to the next … upon further investigation, I noticed I had used the rectangle tool and filled it with black, which I do all the time. Where stupidity came in was when i enlarged the rectangle. I clicked in the center of the rectangle and enlarged the fill not the rectangle itself. So while the fill covered the scene and produced the fade, the rectangle remained its original size and became part of the fade process… I just delected the rectangle and all is well… thanks for your help … dan