Camera View Tab doesn't Exist???

I work with SB Pro 5.5 on an iMac at work, a desktop Windows PC, and a Windows Surface Pro 2017.

For some reason, when I’m on SB Pro on the Surface, I cannot seem to access the Camera View Tab? I’ve tried to find it on Tablet Mode, Windowed Mode, Reseting Preferences to Default, a full program uninstall/reinstall… NOTHING. It’s not even open in another window floating around or anything! This just boggles my mind. I’ve even tried turning the Surface in Portrait Mode to see if the rotation was the problem/screen wasn’t long enough to show the whole drop-down menu for Camera View). I would love if someone knew the solution to this problem! Thank you for reading.

I am also frustrated with the same issue. I had there until a day ago; now nothing. Cannot seem to find the answer.