Camera View Problem


Just purchased v3 today and when I switch from the drawing window to the camera window, the camera rotates the drawing 180 degrees for some reason - turns the character upside down so that he is standing on his head. Why is this happening?


Did you set any motion on a peg? In sceneplanning mode, make sure the default camera isnt attached to the default peg. Check that in the timeline, where it lists the peg and the camera, that between the black circle and the word “Peg” there isnt a down arrow. If there is, it means something is attached to the peg.

You can remove it from the peg by right clicking the element below the peg, and going Arrange > Detach from parent.

This is just a basic reason why your problem is happening…it might be nothing to do with this, but its worth checking.


Thanks for getting back to me.
Yes, I had attached the camera to a peg for some reason which may have affected the camera view somewhat.
I have started another animation and I am pleased to report, the problem did not re-occur.
Thanks again!