Camera View Peg lines

Ok …maybe by the time I get a response to this post I’ll find the answer myself …but let me ask just the same.
In the camera view as you add Pegs and move stuff around there are some lines (strings etc.) showing the movement of the objects.

After 1,000 frames and many Pegs …these lines are beginning to get very bothersome in trying to view the movement in the camera view …or placement of Pegs.

Can I get rid of these lines in the camera view, while still observing all the elements?

Hi Tiger,

You can easily hide all the pegs path by clicking on the eyes icon in the timeline and clicking it again. Basically what it will do is hide all the elements in the first place then show all that can be seen (aka all but the pegs).

If you want to seem them afterward you will need to trigger them on. Be aware that if you have the preference Selection always visible even though you hide a peg if it is the currently selected element you will see it in the camera.

Best regards,