Camera View Gone???

I have a worrying problem: I was adjusting a Panning move on an animation and BAM! my Camera View disappeared! By that I mean, the Camera View window is still there but everything inside is gone!

I checked the Zoom In and Out tool (thinking I must have somehow zoomed right in on an area)… but the Camera View ie. the Red Box is gone. All Drawings, etc are still there but I can’t output anything because I can’t access the Camera View.

This worries me a lot as I had just spent most of the day on an animation and now I can’t find it at all. What’s happened here?

Help would be much appreciated.


ALEX ???

Well, I am not sure what happened in your case –
Do you have several cameras in your scene ?

From here it looks like you might have switched
the camera in the “Camera List”.
(selected a different camera in the timeline and camera list)
or did you accidentally selected the “default-camera”.

Please zoom out (Z) and check if there is any other camera-frame in your view.

Let’s say select camera 2 in the timeline
and select camera 2 in the camera list.

Does that makes any difference ?


Hi Nolan,

No, I only have one Camera active, or more precisely ‘inactive’.

Just to see what would happen I added another Camera, but that too won’t display anything. I also turned on the Grid to see where the Camera is centred but… I can’t find the Grid either.

I’ve played with the Zoom In and Out and Left and Right sliders a lot, trying to ‘find’ the frame… but it’s just not there.

Would love some help on this one. Scary when these things happen.

Thanks so far.



Just another update.

When I go into the Sceneplanning Views (Above and Side) the Camera isn’t there either… and isn’t anywhere inside that screen. It’s just vanished.



Hi Alex,

That sounds all very mysterious to me …?…?…

Even if one deletes the only camera – and that
is only possible when one select the default-camera –
the camera-cone (grey) is still there in all views.

I haven’t done that yet with ToonBoom
but with other sofware - and sometimes it works…
deleted the Preference-File and restarted the Application
and mostly the computer as well.
Presumedly you might have done that already.

Just did some experimenting with the “Show/Hide All”
and the “Solo-Mode” button - the moment one selects
the camera again the frame and cone is back.

In the Preferences under Sceneplanning in Camera View
Have you checked “Use Box Highlightening and
“Selection Always Visible” ?


Hi Nolan,

Checked the Preferences and everything was ticked as you said.

Made another Camera and THIS TIME (something different, oh great) the camera cone appeared in the ScenePlanning modes… BUT… in the Camera View nothing can be seen. Even when I move the camera (in ScenePlanning) up to or away from the drawings they still can’t be seen.

I’m thinking I’ve somehow activated some bizarre, unknown ‘nuance’ in Toon Boom - and beginning to kiss any chances of getting this animation back goodbye.

The really annoying thing is I don’t know how this happened or how to stop it happening again. In animation, there’s nothing worse than losing precious hours of work.

It’s all too weird.

Not sure what you mean about deleting the Preferences file and restarting the program. Where could I try this? And will it affect my Preferences in other projects.

Thanks so much for your interest and advice so far.



Hi Alex,

At least something positive –
One Camera is making a shy appearance ! (Sorry – just joking…)

I don’t believe that you have activated something “bizarre” or an
unknown “nuance” in Toon Boom.
This Software (V 3) is known to be fairly stable and reliable.

Regarding deleting the “Preference-File” I am on a Mac
and here you just go to Home/Library/Preferences and delete
When you restart Toon Boom creates a new Preference-File
with the factory-default-settings (the same when you opened
Toon Boom the first time) - only if you have changed some of
the preferences like colours or frame-rate … they will be lost.
You just have to apply them new.

On a PC , I really don’t know where the Preference-File resides -
maybe someone on a PC might chime in and let us know.


Thanks again, Nolan.

Will try delete the Preferences file and see if that helps.

I know Toon Boom is pretty reliable and stable. In the short time I’ve been using it, I’ve been impressed by it in every way.

I think it’s just me that has a knack of finding those ‘never seen that before’ problems.

Thanks again.



The saga continues.

Deleted the Preferences file as suggested but no luck. Oh well.

It may remain a mystery.

Regardless, much appreciated Nolan.



the default camera should always be there, so i can’t understand it either.
alex, have you unchecked the camera in the timeline?
when nothing works, try maybe to reinstall the whole app…

Just some odd ideas…

Have you ever played with the display-settings in the preferences –
like (depending on your system) Quartz 2D/ Open GL/
Disable Hardware Acceleration/Disable Overlay/Smooth Textures and Bitmaps…

Does that make any difference to your display
in relation to your video-card.

Have you assigned some keyboard-shortcuts –
please have a look in the shortcuts-tab
in the preferences.


I assume you checked the obvious which is that the elements have been marked or actually unmarked in the show elements column of your timeline or your exposure sheet. That is the most logical reason that elements don’t show in the camera view windows. -JK

Hey guys,

Thanks for all your ideas. I’ve pretty much tried them all at this point.

In answer to some of your suggestions:

1) Checking the Show Elements column was the first thing I did. The Camera is definitely checked (on).
2) I know the Default Camera View should always be there… but it isn’t. Well, like I said, it is there but it’s not displaying anything… and there is no ‘camera cone’ anywhere to be found in any of the other views (ie. Sceneplanning views). Strange.
3) Haven’t assigned any shortcuts or adjusted the Display settings at all. Played around with them today just to see if it affected anything… but no cigar.

This is a really weird problem because it just happened in an instant; one second I was adjusting a keyframe for a pan and suddenly everything in the Camera View was gone. Initially, I thought I may have moved the keyframe too far by accident (and panned way off the subject) but I had hardly moved it at all.

Even when I create new cameras in this project, they can’t ‘see’ anything.

All my other Toon Boom projects are fine - it’s just this one.

Thanks to all for your help so far.


Not happy.

It’s happened again.

Was adjusting keyframes on an animation and… WAMMO!.. Camera View has gone and cannot be found again.

Now I’m scared of using Toon Boom for fear of losing hours of work - I hope one of the Toon Boom techs can look this thread over and offer a suggestion.

Thanks in advance,


i can’t help you on this one, sorry.
but don’t wait for the tbs tech guys to drop in here, just send them an email to support@…
it seems to be a serious thing.

Good idea, Rob.

Will do.



keep us in the loop. i’m curious what’s goin’ on there.

I just had a similar situation occur when I was opening a project created in version 2.0 into V3.0.1. Totally lost the camera and everything seemed fine just no camera view of the scene showing. This happened as I was reordering the various elements as the layer order has changed in the migration of versions. (I think). Anyway, after a min. or two of thinking “oh darn what is going on here”, I just used the little icon third from the left at the bottom of the camera view window which is to “recenter the active camera view” (looks like a skewed rectangle with some cross hairs) and the red camera frame and everything was back in the window. Don’t know if this is what you are experienceing but it was that simple. -JK

This just happened to me too. I can see all my animation is there (perspective view and on layers) but the camera just isn’t showing it and there is no camera cone. WTF do I do. This is a months worth of work! My latest back up was yesturday but I have since added an entire character’s animation and it’s all still here. ANY Help with this??? I have a deadline.