Camera view distortion during playback

when I play my animation in camera view, the visuals “skew” (along with the camera frame) and generates some interlaced-looking artifacts. (See attachment).

-The issue is consistent, the image deform always the same way every time. The frame-rate is smooth and correct.
-The machine has been reboot multiple times.
-The GPU driver is up to date (this issue persist along all driver versions tested) (5700xt)
-Toon Boom Harmony version 17.
-Windows 10.
-Harmony is installed on a nvme m.2 Drive and the file is on a HHD.

While I’m at it: I’ve been using Harmony for years and it’s the first time that opening TB takes this long.
Also going from any app to and already opened Harmony file takes a few seconds. This had never happened to me before, on older, weaker machines and software version.

Please help!

the same issue just happened to me, is there a solution to it yet?