Camera Transform?

Hey all,Just bought Storyboard and was learning about camera moves. On page 56 of the User Guide it says to go to “Tools” and then “Camera Transform”. Well, there is no “Camera Transform” under “Tools” and there is no Camera Transform tool in the tools toolbar.Please advise,Thanks,Joe

In V2 there is an Icon called “Camera Transform” on the “tools” toolbar.Make sure that you have this toolbar enabled for easy access.

Thanks, but the version I just (about a month ago) bought is 1.5. Could I have a user guide for Version 2 and the software for Version 1.5? Is there an upgrade I’m not aware of? I keep double checking the guide to make sure it’s not for just the Pro version and as far as I can tell, it isn’t. The store page is still selling V 1.5 as of today.

You mean “dynamic camera”? The same icon only with a wavy line next to it. Must have been added to Version 1.5. I assume the User Guide is for the original version?

I have version 8.6.1. (4709) so that must explain it. I shouldn’t obsess on such a small detail; I totally love my Animate and Storyboard programs and I’m amazed at the tech support here. Thanks, Lilly!

I think Kriz thought you were talking about Storyboard Pro.

There is a Camera Transform tool on the Toolbar, and I’ve taken a screenshot of it for you here.


I’m looking at Storyboard 1.5, and when I mouse over the icon it says Camera Transform. Can you tell me what version you have exactly? Go to Help > About and read off the number, should be something like 8.5.0 (4490)

Can you take a screenshot and put a link to it here so that I can see what your icon looks like?