Camera Transform in Storyboard

Hey all,
Just bought Storyboard and was learning about camera moves. On page 56 of the User Guide it says to go to “Tools” and then “Camera Transform”. Well, there is no “Camera Transform” under “Tools” and there is no Camera Transform tool in the tools toolbar.
Please advise,

hey Joe,
did you try posting this on the storyboard forum?

Oops. Thanks, Amin!

I don’t know if it’s different on the Windows version, but I’m on a Mac and “Camera Transform” is indeed listed in the “Tools” drop-down, second from the bottom. And there is also a “Camera Transform” button in the toolbar on the left.

Also, if you right-click in the drawing view window you should get a pop-up window that will display a list of tools to select from, including Camera Transform towards the bottom.