Camera- Toonboom + another compositing program

anyone ever used toonboom with Adobe after effects?

what i mean is,have u worked with toonboom and ever exported things into another program for compositing and effects.I want to do this but i’m afraid i might lose allot of information like camera information and having to repeat the camera moves in aftereffects anyway:rolleyes:
so is there a way of exporting camera information as well as exporting layers seperatly so that they can be used elsewhere?

Never used toonboom,about to,but this is my main concern.


One approach would be to publish your movie as an image sequence from Toon Boom. This will output a sequentially numbered series of frames in your selected graphics file format that are in fact exactly what is seen through the TBS camera, so there is no loss of information except of course there is no sound. A nice way to go if you plan to do any Photoshop enhancements pre compositing. Then you just import this stream of graphics into the compositing app of your choice. Another approach would be to output as a DV stream or a Quicktime Movie and import into your compositing app. It all depends on your needs and work flow. But because TBS does not rely on action script like Flash you don’t have issues with lost information in the transfer. -JK

thanks thats great, is their an export option where u can export layers seperatly?in any of the toonboom applications?

Like if i wanted to export animated characters (obviously with a transparent background)and then the background layer seperartly with the same camera settings

hope that was clear,heh.

by the way at my school we are using toonboom harmony,I’m posting about toon boom studio because its the only one close to it that i could download as a trial.

Yes, you can selectively render individual scenes, individual layers in a scene, subsections of frames in a scene or combinations of the above. It is one of the nice features of TBS that often is overlooked, which is that it is super flexible about letting you specify your render set easily. -JK