camera tilting- help!

hey guys, this might be a bit of a noob question but is there any way i can make the camera tilt, instead of just tracking down???
i want to make it pivot somehow, have a fixed tilt downwards instead of just a downwards track?
replies asap please, if anyone can help me thats great!!!

You want to attach the camera to a peg element and then you can set keyframes while using the Top view or the Side view windows. I give some examples of this in my article of creating multiple shots in a scene. Which you can view HERE. -JK

thanks for this- it’s a good article- but it was sort of telling me what i already knew, in terms of how to move the camera around.
i’m fine with how to make the camera zoom out, and track and things like that, but all of this has the camera at a fixed angle. is there any way of changing this angle, and getting a high angle tilt or a low angle shot?

You are dealing with two dimensions with multiple planes of those same two dimensions. To get what I believe you are really trying to accomplish you will have to draw your work from different perspectives and build your shots that way. -JK

you’re right. thanks for this, i’ll probably just draw it the way i want it.

You are welcomed. By the way, a great trick that many animators use when they want to have a background or props that they will want to view from many different perspectives, is to build a physical model of the prop or background and photograph it from lots of different angles and then use those photos as imported backgrounds themselves or as drawing guides to make the various perspective views. It is sort of like building a 3D Marquette figure to better visualize how to draw a character from different angles. You could also build your props and backgrounds in a 3D modeling software like Swift 3D but that has its own learning curve which might make physical modeling an easier choice. -JK