Camera Tilt and Final Draft 8 Import

I’m in the process of making the script before I start the storyboard process. However, I’m also visualizing the scenes as I write and making detailed shot notes in Final Draft 8 as I go along. One of the scenes involves a camera tilt starting at the feet of a character and ending at the head. If I was doing this on a paper template I’d simply stack the necessary amount of panels to hold the entire character and indicate the camera movement with a directional arrow. However, I plan on using the shot information category of the script in Final Draft 8 to start a new panel each time its encountered during the import process. Later I also wanted to use SB pro to create an animatic.Is it possible to do something like this if I plan on importing a Final Draft script into Storyboard Pro, or will I have to edit the images in another program to get a camera tilt effect to work correctly during an animatic?

Ok, thanks for the reply. Hmmm… I suppose I could just create a silhouette of the character small enough to fit within the frame; start the panel with the camera zoomed in to the feet and then move the camera up.

To do a camera tilt in Storyboard, you could fake it by distorting an image with the perspective tool and then pan the camera upwards. Right now there’s no way to do an actual tilt in Storyboard.

Regarding creating a new panel when you do a tag, this should be able to be accomplished. In the import process you have an Action>New Panel. So you could create a tag associated to this action.