Camera Shake

I wonder if anyone has encountered this yet. Other than in the Notes, how to indicate a camera shake, for the printed storyboard and mostly for the leica playback.
Right now I would have to indicate by hand on the printed out storyboard and play with several panels with the only 2 camera positions to reproduce the camera shake on playback, which would not look good once printed out.
Has anyone at Toon Boom looked into this?




For the moment shakes are not integrated in Storyboard so you would have to draw the shake on the panel (or put it in the notes). This being said its a pretty easy thing to do once you get the project inside Digital Pro using an expression column with random values that will apply to your camera peg.

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Once in production, any software or camera you use can do a camera shake. In pre-production it can definitely be a plus for your leica presentation before going into production, without going through an edit suite. I think it could be just a function applied on the timeline in Storyboard Pro only for playback purposes, doesn’t have to be on the main drawing window.
Maybe for the next version?..



Can you do a cam shake on the new storyboard pro?

A Camera Shake option (with the possibility to adjust the intensity and the range of the shake) would indeed be a nice feature to have in future versions!