Camera scaling moving BG layer?


When i try and move the camera to scale out from a close-up, on the first keyframe, when i scale in it just shrinks the BG layer instead?

Please help! :slight_smile:


Hm. Haven’t heard of that before. :slight_smile: I usually pull the camera node from the node library when I need a camera movement and attach a peg to it. Then if I want something to move with camera, I can just attach it to the same peg in the node view.

Here’s a screengrab of what I mean.


Thanks for the reply! I’ve put the BG layer on a video track, and when i scale the camera, it moves the BG layer with it? Not sure why? :frowning:

Hi Dukes,

Are you using a Camera node from the Node library?

It could be that you are grabbing the BG by accident and scale that, instead of the camera.

You need to put in a camera node and attach it to a peg, and then animate the peg to move the camera.

Oh ok, ill check it out :slight_smile: and thank you!