Camera Scale Script

I was wondering is anyone has a script for re-scaling cameras.

I’m hoping to find a script that multiples the camera by a factor of ten; camera(x,y,x) x 10 or an example that comes close which I can hack

The issue, i’m terrible at coding and I’m expiramenting on a project that is working in a rather large scale, in order to work in TBSP i rescale my scenes by throwing everything into a master folder and scaling it down to .1, this works great and resolves all of my clipping plane and navigation issues. The problem with this approach is that if you export the project as an FBX all of the folder information gets stripped and the cameras are no longer at the correct point in space. (I have to do the FBX export in order to get my drawings into maya. Its a mixed media expiramental thing.) since my scale down folder is at .1 all i have to do is multiply the camera by 10 and everything pops back into allignment in maya. Currently i’m manually moving decimal points for all of my camera x,y,z info by hand and it dawned on me that a script might speed things up.

any ideas that can point me in the right direction would be most apreciated