camera ??'s

after I’ve put camera movements in with the camera tool, is there a way to turn off the camera if a cut is desired?thanks!

also, are there any other camera movements besides zoom? like pan or tracking that can be done with storyboard?thanks!!

Hi,Not quite sure what you mean by turning of the camera, do you mean undoing a camera move? If that is the case you should be able to do so by simply reseting the camera (Top menu Storyboard>Reset Camera)As for the second question you should be able to do a pan by moving your camera to the side with the middle point of the camera when you have the camera tool (basically you have a red and a green framing for the camera and a point in the same color then the framing in the middle which you can move to pan your camera).Best regards,Ugo

yes, resetting the camera is what I was looking for, thanks!I will try the pan move soon and reply with my results.thank ugo!!