camera refuses to stop motion

I don’t really understand what happened, but yesterday the camera in my scene works just fine, but for all the new keyframes I made today, my camera just refuses to do a cut (stop motion) and keeps tweening to the next keyframe.
I tried ctrl L so many times, and it doesn’t work, tried re-starting 3 times and it’s still doing it, i even copy and paste the keyframes I did yesterday that seems to be working fine, but its still tweening.

Basically the first 20 second on my scene my camera works fine and the rest 30 sec went haywire.
Is this a bug? how should i resolve this?

Yes, thats what i did with ctrl L (its setting keyframe to stop motion) but it didn’t work. In the end I had to copy the previous camera keyframe right before the new one just so it doesn’t tween.

In the preferences on the “General” tab there is a checkbox called “Stop-Motion Keyframes”. Checking this box will make your created keyframes default to stop-motion keyframes. If this is unchecked, all newly created keyframes will be Motion Keyframes (i.e. interpolated keyframes).

At any time after creating a keyframe you can change what type of keyframe it is by right-clicking it in the timeline and selecting either “Stop-Motion Keyframe” or “Motion Keyframe”. There are even hotkey shortcuts for both by default.