Camera questions: follow and switching

Hello, I wonder how in Harmony, cameras can be attached to objects (made to move together with the object) and how cameras can be cut to during render to render only the needed clips from the respective cameras.

Thanks for help!


You need to connect the output of your element module to the input of your camera.

Here’s a little Jing example to illustrate :

For the camera switch, unfortunately, you cannot do this.
You can setup several cameras but, when you render, you need to specify which one to use…

So, if you need a wide shot for 2 sec, a close-up for 1 sec and back to the wide shit, I would render the scene using the wide shot cam and then, render only the needed part using the close-up.

The final assembly needs to be done in a video editing app.

I hope this helps.
Please, let me know.