Camera Problem

I’m new to ToonBoom and while doing the “Adv_Multiplane” tutorial, I noticed a critical problem. Your camera doesn’t seem to work correctly. I could be doing something wrong, if so please correct me. When the camera passes through an object it still displays that object. The object shouldn’t be visible since it is now behind and not in front of the camera. I tried this in the preview and the export, but the same thing happens. I have attached a sample to illustrate this.

Please prove me wrong or correct this problem, as it is a show stopper for this software.


Please have a look at the “FOV” (Field of View) in Top- and Side-View…
demonstrated by the “Cone” or angular extend of the Camera in both Views…
the “Tip of the Cone” is the “Camera-Lens” - not the Peg (even it can be easily interpreted as a little camera-symbol).

It might be a better idea to move the “camera-cone” instead of the “peg”…

If you like here is a small video-demonstration: