Camera problem in Storyboard Pro 4

The 3-D models I imported in Storyboard Pro 4 look cut off in the camera viewport . Zooming in and out keeps cutting off the objects at the same distance to the camera. Is this a bug or a setting I can get rid of? In the previous version of Storyboard Pro the camera worked fine. I have attached an image that shows the difference between both versions.

It’s a pity that with new versions come new bugs with tools that were fine before…

Hi jessicaH

You could try to adjust the Near Clip Plane.
Make sure the Camera Tool is active. Scroll down the Tool Properties window.
In the StaticAttributes go to the bottomline left and change the values. The smaller value (Untill 0 only) the closer you can go and things will still show.


Great, that helped! I put the number down to 0.1 and then I could see everything. Thanks so much, Ivar