Camera Peg


I am very new and was just playing around with the program. How come when I make a motion peg and attach my camera to it, the camera is always misaligned with the beginning of the motion peg. What is the purpose of this?

For example, the motion peg begins 5 units to the right of the camera (triangle apex) instead of directly on top of it. If I try to drag the beginning of the peg directly on top of the camera to get a more direct representation of whee the camera will be along its truck, the camera just moves along relative to the peg start.

I hope this makes sense.

Thanks for your help.

The location of the peg is not significant, when you move it the camera moves exactly the same with relation to the peg. If you are in top or side view you should move your camera while looking at the framed view finder results in camera view and not let the peg’s relationship to the “V” of the camera confuse you. -JK