Camera Pan & Truck in 3.5

My camera in 3.5 doesn’t allow pan & truck the way it did in 3.5. I cannot explain how upset I am. I have been working on an animation for weeks. I have a deadline. I attach the camera in 3.5 to a peg and I can’t manipulate that peg or the cameras motion the same way I was able to in 3.0. In 3.0, you could go into side view or top view and bend the peg to which the camera was attached all you want. In 3.5 all I can do is move the peg in and out. No zooms, no pans, nothing. I want to scream.

Try studying this ARTICLE where the camera flies and zooms with the bat in V3.5 - All is not lost, you just need to review the techniques used here. -JK

Thanks for the help. I figured it out by reading the manual. I needed to use the motion tool. Thanks again. My desperation level is high because I needed to have this done 3 days ago. Yikes.