Camera overview

hi there,i’m doing revisions on storyboards and since storyboard artists often adjust the size of their shots with the help of static cameras, it’d be very helpful to have the “camera overview” point of view reset the panels i’ve selected, all at once. for now it’s working randomly, and lots of panels stay “zoomed in”, so i have hit “reset view” again and again while i’m going through the board.also, transforming static cameras are buggy : if i put a static cam and adjust the size of the shot, when i hit “play” toonboom renders a pan. So i have to hit static cam, adjust the shot, then hit dynamic cam and again static cam for the static cam to actually work if i’m doing an animatic. would be great to have this fixed.thanks

Hi,Concerning the static camera issue you are having I confirmed it here and it should be fixed for the upcoming release of the software. We are also looking into giving multiple possibility of controlling the framing over the project, one which will be static throughout the whole project. Using this mode should reset all of the panel framing at the same time.Regards,Ugo