Camera Offset Mystery

Can someone explain to me why the camera is auto offset by 12F?
This is a problem because when you apply a peg to it… that peg is not true to where the camera is!
So the values you see in the peg are NOT where the camera is.
There are times where you might need to move your camera closer to the animation, you then end up with the Peg in a negative value but the camera is say 2F. God forbid if you have some FX or something that needs to be connected to the camera peg, you’re stuff is no where to be seen because it’s behind the animation.
Now if there’s a logical reason for the offset, I’ll be happy to hear it and then no longer think of this.

I appreciate any enlightening information on this.
Thank you,

Does anyone from toonboom have anything to say about this?
It’s still a mystery. If there’s a good reason, then I’ll be happy, but if it’s not then I can make a decision on what I want to do about it.