camera notes found

But why does it only show sometimes? It will show Example;12fld, 3 n,3w if you go back or move this camera, it will zero out and no longer show numbers.


As mentioned in previous post you should clearly attach your camera to a peg to do any kind of moving of the camera.

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I may not clearly understand your question, but I think that you are trying to use traditional camera instructions based off of your field guide. This can be accomplished by plotting your work using the field guide in Drawing view but that is a tedious and not practical way to approach using TBS. In traditional animation work and animator/director needed to communicate camera movements through the exposure sheet to the camera stand operator. Thus the need for referencing to the field guide. In computer assisted software like TBS the animator/director and the camera operator are all the same person, you. So you can control the movement of the camera visually in Scene Planning view along with the Top and Side views. This approach works very well and is very precise but it doesn’t use the more traditional usage of shot mapping terminology. Conceptually the approaches work the same but one is meant for person to person communication and the other is based on a combined functionality of roles and responsibilities and direct visual feedback. -JK