camera moves

How do you add cameras to more then one level? Example, You have a 6 drawing walk cycle and you want to pan this into the scene, while you truck in to the background.
Also can you pencil test scanned drawings so that you can see the Background and other elements thru the character. What I have seen so far is that all scanned drawing show all of the paper…Is there a way to change the art into like the Multiply filter in photoshop?

Thanks, Dave

Hi Dave,

By add cameras to more than one level, do you mean animate the camera in 3D? I think that’s what I understood from you saying you want to pan and truck into the background at the same time. Basically you want to attach your camera to a peg, then hit i to create keyframes on your camera. Then make use of your top and side views to adjust the position of your peg. Then you can also make adjustments from your camera view. Did that help at all?

As far as the pencil test goes, have you used the light table feature at all? It allows you to see the other layers as though looking through a light table, which can give a good preview. Just hit L to enable light table.


Hi Dave,
You cannot see through a scanned image bitmap, to see the background through the character you should create first a drawing element and import and vectorize your drawings on it, (black and white mode) so that they are converted to vector shapes, assigning a new cell of the same element to each design drawing scanned and vectorized, and you can use it as rough. For cleanning you can do another drawing element, and, in drawing view you can see the rough drawing element if active: static light table. In camera view you can see your character on stage and draw on it if desired.
To move the camera and elements of the scene you have the workspace sceneplanning to compose peg trajectories and depths according to predetermined 3D plan. You can go to page 379 of the user guide and read about: Scene setup. Best Regards. Yoryo

Thanks for the reply…Got the import to vector idea ,which worked great. I just wish you can type in your camera moves. I guess I’m just old school.