Camera Moves Question

Hi there… Have been starting on SB-Pro and it’s great. Done the tutorials too. But I can’t find anything on some camera questions I have. Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile: Here are my questions:

  1. When I do a camera move such as a Pan or any other moves where it involves multiple fields, once I go in the Editing/Animatic timeline/mode, I can’t see the actual move THROUGH the camera view. So I have to export the scene and only then I can see the camera move THROUGH the camera view. Anyone know if there is a switch to enable camera view for camera moves when switched to Editing/Animatic are?

  2. If there is a camera move in a scene (panel), can we animate more than one drawing and switch between the drawings? – Or is it always ‘One camera move per panel equals only One animated layer/pose per panel’? Let me use an example to clarify what I mean: For example, you have three drawings (panels) of a guy running and jumping, AND you have to do a camera move that cover all three drawings/actions. Can you do this in Storyboard-Pro?

Thanks in advance.

  1. Your Camera View uses the point of view of the camera.
    Are you saying that your camera moves are not being applied?
    What does it show in the stage View window?

  2. A camera move or dynamic camera move affects all layers
    of the panel so using your example, your three drawings of a
    guy running and jumping will all be affected by the camera move.

    If you want to move only one of the layers, you can use the transform
    tool and do a layer transformation instead of doing a camera move or
    you can combine camera moves with individual layer movements.

Thanks rkriz.

Regarding your question: ‘Are you saying that your camera moves are not being applied?
What does it show in the stage View window?’ – Yes so let’s say I do a camera pan. And once I go into animatic/edit mode, the camera move does NOT show THROUGH the camera view. All I see is the path of one field panning to the other field.

And regarding #2 question… I’d like to know how I can switch between layers so that WHILE the camera move occurs in a single panel, the three different layers turn on and off so that it looks like the person is running/walking. Thanks again