Camera moves in a curved line, not straight.

For some reason:

when I move the camera (zoom, or just left or right, up and down), the camera doesnt move in a STRAIGHT line, but more in a CURVED line.

This just happened, after I installed Toon Boom the second time (because computer crashed for another reason). So it wasnt always the case.

Maybe something is different in my toon boom settings?
it seems like the program, wants a more smooth, not evenly paced, real camera movement, instead of a straight, equally paced line, which I want.

someone has a clue?

thx man, it worked,
really appreciate your help, have a nice day

This is probably you are using 3D-path for peg that tends to keep the curve from previous movement in x,y and z. Using 3D-path peg is easier than separate peg but has a limitation to control. Unless you want to use separate peg, select the keyframe of peg and change the Tension value from Coord. and Control points option to 1 to keep straight.