Camera movement

Hi all, I’m learning the ToonBoom harmony in these days, and when I’ve came to the camera multi-plane features I couldn’t find how to rotate the camera in the X and Y axis.
Not be enabling to do so, means that I cant create pan or camera rotation. In AE it can be done by moving the “point of interst”.
In a different words: How to move the camera not parallel to the main plane?
I made example to clear my question as possible.
Thanks a lot

Create a Camera / Attach the Camera to a Peg / In the Peg’s Layer Properties check Enable 3D.
Select the Camera Peg. The 3D Controls should be visible.
Use those Controls in the Viewport, or Top- and Side-View visually, or in the Layer Properties numerical.

Also remember to use the Orthlock module if you want to keep a 2D element facing the camera even though the camera is rotating through the scene.

Cheers, jason.

Harmony and Storyboard Pro User.


Thanks so much, Scott!!!
it works perfect. Really helped alot.
If you are intersted, and feels like… my studio site:

Thanks Jason,
great tip. So happy to get these comments and help. Have a great week, and if you feel like, you can see what I’m doing for the last…19 years:

Thanks again, Sharon

Hi Scott,
3 months ago you’ve helped me so much with your answer, and I thought that you might be so kind and try to help me with something similar.
I’ve tried to do the same thing in the Harmony advanced, but couldnt find the option of enable 3d, and because of that, cant rotate my camera.
Any chance you know what should I do?
Thanks so much

As far as I know “Enable 3D” is not available in Harmony Advanced.


That’s correct, Enable 3D is not available in Harmony Advanced, nor is the Ortholock node.

Multiplane and Z-depth is available in all 3 editions, but all advanced 3D stuff and 3D model integration is part of Premium only.