Camera Movement Too Fast

Hello. I hope this question isn’t too confusing, but I’m having a little issue with the speed of the camera movement/pan in my animation. I have an animation set at 30fps and I’m animating in 2s (two cells for each frame). When I set keyframes for the camera to pan, zoom or shift, it transitions at 30fps, of course, but I would like to slow it down or hold the frame rate of the camera movement, if possible. I tried to extend the exposure of the camera movement, but it doesn’t work. The only way I could slow it down was by keyframing each single camera position, which I’d rather not do. I was wondering if there’s an easy way to extend the exposure of the camera positions, like you can do with cells? Or another alternative?

There are a couple of choices for making the movement slower. You can set it to 3’s instead of 2’s or…

Attach a peg to the camera and treat it like any other interpolated movement.
Make sure therefore that you are using Motion keyframes and not Stop-Motion keyframes.

I suspect this is the reason you needed to keyframe every frame - you were likely using stop-motion keyframes which jump from position to position instead of smoothly interpolating the movements between keyframe positions.

It looks like I was using stop-motion keyframes. The peg method worked out very well and I was able to adjust the velocity of the camera movement. Thank you.

How can you tell if you are using motion or stop-motion on the camera.

I believe the motion keyframes are black and the stop-motion keyframes are red.

If you have motion keyframes you will see a black bar in between the keyframe positions connecting them. If one or both of the keyframes are Stop-Motion keyframes, the frames between the keyframes will be white.