Camera movement in a 3D space

Hi I’m really new to Toon boom and have been trying to learn the basics but I’ve come across some rather strange issues

I wanted to try and make something more ‘3D-ish’ rather than having the camera panning across flat foreground / background layers. So thought rotating a few layers to make square buildings and have the camera move through them. Everything seemed to work fine and the render view looked like I nailed it… When I exported as a movie it looks as intended but when I exported as a swf… it ended up well all over the place and messed up…

The wmv where it came out ok =
The swf where where it went all weird =

am I doing something wrong or does toon boom just not work like that? Any help advice or links to tutorials would be really appreciated thanks!

Certain features don’t work on swf export as it is a dead/dying format, this being one of them.