Camera movement affects all panels

Hi, I’m a beginner with the software and i have some issues with the camera/ keyframes.

I draw my storyboard and I decide to create my animatic.
In my first scene, i have a horizontal pan and in my fourth scene, a vertical pan.

So, I create my first keyframe and my last keyframe for the horizontal pan.
I move to my fourth scene and decide to make the same thing for my vertical pan.

But, it extends the last keyframe from the 1st scene to the fourth. It changes the camera for every panels.

I imagine there is a fonction to “cut” the camera effect from a panel to an another but I don’t find it.

I searched in the preference and watched tutorials and nothing about it.

I use the last version of storyboard pro.

I find the solution and it was easy.

In Storyboard Pro, on the top right corner, you have different pages with +.

You have differents things like "New Panel’, “New Scene”, “New Sequence”…

I always use shortcuts to create new panel and that was my mistake. I have just to create new scene and it creates a camera for each scene.