Camera Layer won't appear in Timeline.

I’ve been using the camera layer a lot but on a new scene, it won’t appear when I hit the + symbol on the timeline. The module appears in the network view but not on the timeline, even when I try to connect it with a peg. This is very weird. I probably have something clicked that i shouldn’t but can’t figure out what is the problem. please help!

Go into the menu of the Timeline and select Display-Show All

Didn’t work. very weird. I ended up just starting the scene over in a new file and the camera appears just fine!

Yeah, im having the same problem :confused:

I have a completed animation and the last thing I really needed to make it look better was a simple pan in certain scenes. the camera layer will not show up when I try to add it dispite all other layer add-ons being able to be displayed and I can not edit anything to see the camera layer, I am very desperate to find answers or solutions to this problem.