Camera Keys moving

Hi all,

I have several keys on the camera in my scene but when I go to a different workspace or add a panel they all move around… Do I need to lock them somehow or is this a bug?

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Hi Monkey

Changing workspace should not make keys move around!
Moving around panels with cameramoves going from one to another or more, will not work if you move first frame behind last frame. If you need to do that just delete the keys and make new ones. Just set the keys in the cameras tool properties and thats it.


hi Monkey080

there is an option for the camera by right clicking on the grey camera bar. in the pop up menu near the bottom you can
set the “keyframe sync mode”

none= camera keys don’t move

relative to panels= added frames outside camera keys do not affect camera but if you add or lengthen/shorten frames within camera move it will affect camera accordingly

relative to scene= affects camera relative to entire scene.

lots of options for your preference

hope that helps

I use the camera all the time but really i still don’t get why we have two keys either side of the frame we are selecting ( in timeline view ) . i know there is some very clever reason for it but I simply don’t get why we can’t select a Frame and place a key - . I can then decide to slow into that key and then slow out of it. for example .
frame 1. key1 slow out

frame 37 .key 2 slow into the is key then slow out to the next key

Frame 101. key 3 Slow in .

If I slide any of these keys along the time line that info slides with it ( unless it breaks any time parameters )