Some how I have too many camera cells and my animation goes too long with a blank white screen.
Can someone help me to how to delete these camera cells so my animation finishes when supposed to please ?
Much Appreciated.

  1. In the Timeline frame section right-click your mouse in the animation frame area that you want to remove.

  2. Place your mouse cursor over Exposure then move to Set Exposure.

  3. This opens a window where you can enter the number of the frame you want to end on.

Result: The extra cells will be removed ending the sequence on this frame.

Hello Ampy,
Thanks for your reply.
When I right click on the camera frame I want to remove as you suggested the only option that appears is “reset”.
Your method works on any other drawing key frame in the timeline but does not work on camera.
Any ideas please ?
Kind Regards,

I’m sorry Ampy , I discovered what my problem was and its all fixed now.
Thanks for your assistance.