Camera Issues

I have a short scene where a figure is walking down a path from foreground to deep space…the figure gets pretty small and then fades out. I’ve made the camera and am really loving how I can make a very small rotation at first and come out straight from a zoom in to zoom out. I am not sure though how I should approach integrating the figure. I did make one scene with the figure walking and the background and saved this in case I want to use it. But, I wonder how to have the figure integrate with the camera movements? should I group the figure? but that wouldn’t do it I guess because the figure was drawn for a stable scene without camera movements. In this case, I want my figure to stay on the path and clearly if the background is moving my figure will loose it positioning. Any suggestions?

I am loving this application! even though it’s new and I have this learning curve I am working hard to try and understand and practice. Thanks to all of you who are of such help!


don’t move the background. Move the camera.

To do that make a camera, attach it to a peg, then more the peg around and the camera follows.

I just did that. Thanks!