Camera is Not Being Detected on Toom Boom Studio

I was recently trying to make a stop motion animation on Toon Boom Studio but my Kodak EasyShare CD82 camera is not in the the drop down menu for devices, only my webcam is.
I have all the drivers installed for my camera plus my commuter says my camera is connected.

Please have a look at the comment on the bottom of this page:

Been there done that. My camera works fine until I plug the USB cord in then the camera shuts off or something.

I don’t understand, you said previously that the camera works with the computer but now you say it’s working until you plug in the USB cable?
Then how was it connecting to your computer previously?

You always have the option of shooting the stop-motion sequence with the camera alone and then importing the files into TBS later (however you normally bring the images from your camera to the computer).