Camera Import/Export

I’ve been following some of the threads concerning a 3D plugin. I understand the complexities of bringing 3D objects into TB and having a live link to Maya. It sounds like there’s a lot to wrangle there.
What about just importing and exporting camera data. Probably in FBX format since that is understood by most 3D apps?

Hello Jeff,

We have a few studios who have actually already succeeded in being able to import camera information from Maya into Harmony. Basically what they did was they had a MEL script that would take a locator that was tied to the camera’s position/rotation information. They would then bake out that information and export it. Then there was a script on the Harmony end that would import this information and attach it to a peg.

This is not a fully-implemented functionality, only an experimental one, but it is something that can be investigated further. We have also already had discussions regarding FBX format and we will continue to investigate this further in the future.

Toon Boom Support