Camera Focus Filter in Animate Pro


I am trying to finish up an animation I’ve been working on in Animate Pro PLE, and I want to use the Focus filter to zoom in on my multiplane scene. The problem I’m having is that the effect is occurring on every frame of the timeline, and I need it to start and end within a specific range of frames.

I found some tutorials for Studio and Digital Pro, but nothing I try is working. Does anyone know of a tutorial where this process is outlined for Animate Pro?


Probably it is similar to Digital Pro that I assume that you have attached focus with camera peg so that it works together when camera moves.

If you want to apply the focus on specific timing only, you can use the option in the final composite (the one on connected very end). If you see the propertied of composite, there is Focus multiplier and set as 1 by default. You can create a Bezier and in Bezier editor, you can set the values. For example, if you have 10 frames and you only want to have focus up to frame 5. Then create a key frame in Bezier on frame 1, 5, 6 and 10. Then from frame 1 to 5, the value is 1. And from frame 5 to 6, you can set to 0 on frame 6 and select stop-motion keyframe so that from frame 5 to 6, it drops 0 instantly. Then from frame 6 to 10, keep it 0. Then it should work.