Camera edge as colour boundary

Haha, okay, I didn’t expect to be posting in here so quickly after my last question, but that’s life. :slight_smile:

So, in Animate V1, I noticed that while on the Colour Art layer, I could just make sure that the lines that went off-screen just had to close-gap with the camera’s bounding box. But now, working in Animate 2, I don’t see that happening, so when I attempt paint fills, nothing happens. Is there a way to make the camera edge a color stroke without having to put a stroke-rectangle around every frame? Thanks!

I have to admit I’m not quite understanding what you’re trying to do…

Maybe you could include a screenshot of what you did in Animate 1?

When you animate something off-screen, it doesn’t actually crop the drawing to the camera, so as long as it’s closed outside the camera area, it should fill all right. Are you working in OpenGL view or in Render view?

If you want to draw a stroke around the camera, you need only to draw it once then you can extend the exposure to the end of your scene…

Still not entirely sure what you’re trying to do so I’m just throwing out ideas.

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I am pretty sure he means he has drawn a shape which is open (and thus can’t be coloured) but if the bounding box Animate draws for was an imaginary line it would be closed so he could colour it.

That said I have no idea how/if you could do that. It sounds like an odd functionaility.

Well if he just wants to close the shape, then there is the Stroke tool, the Close Gap tool, or he can draw strokes by using the line/rectangle/polyline tool with the pencil size set to 0.

Hope this helps!

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