Camera Data

Hey Fellow ANIMATErs
Anyone know of a way to export camera data from Animate/Pro? I’d like to be able to import/export camera position/rotation between animate and my 3d app of choice

I havent tried this before, and maybe someone else will have to chime in, but heres what i do know:

you can fetch the cameras transformation matrix in QSA

For example,

The getCameraMatrix method returns your typical 4x4 homogeneous matrix
in Column Vector layout (like OpenGL). Animate Pro’s camera is a little different. The image plane in most 3D program is at z = 1. Im not sure this is the case in AP. The default for a newly created camera is to have a z-depth of 2.6666 (which is 2 * 1.33333; now where have I seen that number before :slight_smile: ). It also can get confusing when dealing with fields versus OpenGL coordinates…maybe there’s an easier way (there are methods called fromOGL toOGL but that might be used differently).

There are also examples of integrating 3D into Toonboom using the scripting module–although not currently available/implemented in Animate Pro (AFAIK). Theres an example using the 3delight renderman renderer. I think there might also be a maya example and the pixie renderer…maybe). Its been a while since Ive perused these examples but they might provide insight.

The sdk I believ also has an example where it fetches the camera matrix and some other matrices.

Sorry i could not provide you with a simple answer. Using the getMatrix… methods and matrices in AP can be a little boggling too. In any case hope this can provide some direction and hope that maybe Ugo or someone can help.

Hey Hjperez

Thank you!!! This is exactly the info I needed and totally puts me on the right path. I’ll post back about this if i can get it working and if anyone else has any info to add please feel free to chime in.