Camera data to After Effects

I’ve been looking for this, but nothing to be found. I agree with other users in that final comps are better done in After Effects. But having AE 2.5D effects applied to a TBA scene with a moving camera, is a real pain.
Would it be possible to export the camera data to After Effects. I know AE can import camera data, so…


By writing a script it would be, but not native.

Do these scripts circulate? I’m not the scripting type, to put it mildly.


I believe the bulk of scripting is actual done by Harmony users for inhouse projects.

I have done a bit but there doesn’t seem much interest in it (my scripting tutorials are by far my least popular).

I would love to see a camera export script for AE, that would be superb! The camera in AE is kind of pain to use compared to Animate. I watched the Blender guys develop a python script to export camera data to a maya camera data file which AE can load. The way I think they accomplished it was to first get the blender camera data into some kind of useable form. Then they were able to scale/translate the data to fit the camera data that maya exports. I think the maya camera format is some kind of xml/text file format.

So I think it’s entirely possible provided we can get the camera data from Animate somehow. That data has to be stored somewhere… just need to figure out where it is and how parse it.

I pretty sure it wouldn’t be hard to read off the info about the camera (i have done it in my steroscopic script), just xyz and then rotations if using pro. You could easily save it as an xml file.

I don’t have AE or Maya so I couldn’t attempt that even if I tried but saving it in a format that AE automatically imports seems a smart thing to do.

@ Raider
Very good information It seems totally possible to translate that data to Aftereffects. Just a matter of someone writing a script which can parse/reformat the animate camera data into a format AE can use. Probably would need peg/drawing position data as well which is where I think things could be messy. You would probably want a way to import your layers into AE in xyz space . Anyway seems like a big job to make it all work.

for reference here’s the blender2AE camera script

I was thinking they translated the data to maya format but I don’t think that is the case now. I was following the thread on BlenderArtists about this for awhile and they were originally working at translating the blender camera to maya.

I would love the same feature. TB-to-AE camera data. Also a checkbox for exporting layer art as stills or image sequences. That way we could animate in TB, then light and composite in AE.

Since im sticking to my little action camera, this should be easy to work on.