Camera Data to After Effects?

Hey everybody,

Does a script exist to export Harmony camera data to After Effects? And vice versa?

I have posted that exact same question about two years ago. And I have put it up for a feature request. Maybe if more people would ask for it…

i know this is a sticking point for smaller commercial studios where the jobs are mixed media. camera export for AE would indeed be useful.

I’d be shocked if one of the huge studios like Disney doesn’t have this tool.

I work at a medium sized studio that is slowly moving toward Toon Boom, and, though I love that it’s possible to composite in Harmony, realistically most shows will be comped in After Effects (including anything I do). So camera export to and from After Effects would solve lots of problems.

And not just camera export. It would also be useful to export null objects (pegs).

Should be FBX out as well to go back into 3D programs.

Storyboard Pro does output FBX camera info. So you could do camera moves there and then export to both Harmony and 3d app of choice.
Once in 3D, you should be able to get the camera to AE.

…I realize what a hack this is, but it’s the only way I’ve gotten it to work.

That definitely sounds like it will work. Can you please tell me how to export FBX from Harmony?

Oh, I’m sorry. I just read that you said Storyboard Pro and not Harmony.