Camera curved path


I’m trying to have a straight truck in a scene but for some reason, the path starts curved and then straightens up. I only have 2 keyframes in this camera move.

I’m using a camera with its peg; this is not the first time the camera is being used in the scene. Sometimes the path is 100% straight and sometimes for some reason I’m unaware of, the path curves out a bit in the beginning.

How can I control this?

Open the “Velocity Editor-Bezier” inside the Camera-Peg…(double click Position:Velocity).
You should see a straight line between the keyframes…
If not, select the keyframe and hit the “Reshape to a linear segment” button…

I presume, you haven’t created a “Control Point” along your motion path…?
Those wont be visible in the Velocity-Editor… just delete them…


Thanks Nolan, that fixed the issue!