Camera control points: impossible to edit them.

I just knocked my head again against this absurd (in my opinion) thing that Animate does when it arbitrarily puts curves in the camera moves.

I have written about this before: if I don’t ask for a curve, if I hold SHIFT ad drag the camera in a perfectly straight line, why on Earth do I get one?
Beyond me…

So, as I learned, every other camera move (yes, because even here, as in many other things, Animate is not consistent) I have to go through this time-consuming and unwelcomed thing of showing control points and setting tensions. Just to get a straight line.

But here I am against a NEW problem. One of the control points is somehow unreachable. It is apparently under scores of other control points. I can’t move them, because I can’t put them back in place afterwards.
So basically I’m in a checkmate.
Animate has put a curve in and I can’t get rid of it because I can’t get to the control point.

What can I do?

thank you,

I just found the solution.
I moved the camera out so that the control point moves, edited the tension, and then put the camera back to where it was (had to copy/paste the Z value).

Yet another complex workaround to get to what should be a simple, immediate, solution.