Camera Choppiness

I have SB Pro 1.5 and I’m having problems making smooth camera moves. I have a few things I want to do: drift in, truck in, and pan. When I have a drift-in, the camera is very choppy when it goes from camera A to camera B. Is there anyway to smooth it out If I want to change the same set up as a truck-in (say truck in quickly at 2 seconds in a 3 second shot rather than uniformly drift in a 3 second shot), how do I do that?
With a pan, how do a smooth pan over rather than an abrupt shift over to camera B? Thanks!

I am not familiar with the term drifting camera.
Is it a camera-follow that falls behind over time, or similar. Please explain if I should have any chance to help on that.
When it comes to finetune a cameramove go to the panels menu.
Go to the second line of collapsable menues called -Parameter Setup.
Press the cross to the right of the line.
The Parameter Setup window will open on this place.
Press the -Panel/Camera tab.
If you have made a zoom in and want it to ease out and stop for the last second put in 1 second for the -Hold End and 2 seconds for the ease out.
Press the black playback arrow to see the playback of that panel.
Make sure the preview camera button is activated.

When it comes to smoth camera moves , well.

TB Storyboard 1.5 is a limited software for animation.
It can be very sensitive to multiple parameters.
For moving layers it will give some quite surprizing results if you keep on adjusting the animation of moving and rotation over and over.
The only solution for that ( I think) is to delete the animation and redo it with as few steps as possible until you are satisfied.
To delete either undo(if last work done) or press the Static Camera button in the Toolbar.
Pressing Static Camera button will remove cameramoves from selected panels.
When it comes to multiple shifting of direction of camera moves, please look at my answer in this forum some days ago.

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